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Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry (5th Edition)

A.I. Vogel, Vogel's Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry (5th Edition)
Prentice Hall | ISBN: 0582462363 | 1996 | HTML & PDF | 1552 Pages

Most widely used, established and respected reference manual for the organic chemistry laboratory. Incorporates new reactions and techniques now available to the organic chemist.


Thomas R. Lynch, Process Chemistry of Lubricant Base Stocks (Chemical Industries Series)

Thomas R. Lynch, Process Chemistry of Lubricant Base Stocks (Chemical Industries Series)
CRC | ISBN: 0849338492 | 2007 | HTML & PDF | 392 Pages

Advances in processing methods are not only improving the quality and yield of lubricant base stocks, they are also reducing the dependence on more expensive crude oil starting materials. Process Chemistry of Lubricant Base Stocks provides a comprehensive understanding of the chemistry behind the processes involved in petroleum base stock production from crude oil fractions.

This book examines hydroprocessing technologies that, driven by the demand for higher performance in finished lubricants, have transformed processing treatments throughout the industry. The author relates the properties of base stocks to their chemical composition and describes the process steps used in their manufacture. The book highlights catalytic processes, including hydrocracking, hydrofinishing, and catalytic dewaxing. It also covers traditional solvent-based separation methods used to remove impurities, enhance performance, and improve oxidation resistance. The final chapters discuss the production of Food Grade white oils and paraffins and the gas-to-liquids processes used to produce highly paraffinic base stocks via Fischer-Tropsch chemistry.


Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics
Publisher:Springer | 2008-02 | ISBN:3540735364 | Pages:531 | PDF

Book Description:

This successful textbook emphasizes the unified nature of all the disciplines of Fluid Mechanics as they emerge from the general principles of continuum mechanics. The different branches of Fluid Mechanics, always originating from simplifying assumptions, are developed according to the basic rule: from the general to the specific.

The first part of the book contains a concise but readable introduction into kinematics and the formulation of the laws of mechanics and thermodynamics. The second part consists of the methodical application of these principles to technology. This book is offered to engineers, physicists and applied mathematicians; it can be used for self study, as well as in conjunction with a lecture course.

This second English version is the translation of the very successful seventh German book, significantly expanded by a new chapter about creeping flows. In addition, sections about thin-film flow and flow through porous media are added and thus the book gives a complex introduction to the wide area of fluid mechanics.


Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry: Electronic Release 2007 (CD-ROM)

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry: Electronic Release 2007 (CD-ROM)
Wiley-VCH | ISBN:3527316027 | 2007 | HTML & PDF | 1100 Pages |
Book Description
More powerful than ever, Ullmann's is the definitive reference work for all fields of industrial chemistry, and is certain to hold its number-one position for generations to come.

For this revised electronic edition of the encyclopedia some 150 articles have been thoroughly revised or added since the completion of the 6th printed edition, and a number of new articles reflect recent developments. Users will find exciting new information on, among others: Ammonia, Blood, Cellulose Ethers, Cereals, Chocolate, Dental Materials, Enzyme and Immunoassays, Fatty Acids, Fertilizers, Hair Preparations, Intermetallics, Meat and Meat Products, Microreactors, Metallocenes, Molecular Modeling, Oral Antidiabetic Drugs, Paints and Coatings, Petroleum Coke, Pigging Technology, Photoelectricity, Polymerase Chain Reaction, Soil, Sonochemistry, and much more.

Added to all this the interface has been improved to offer higher convenience: Browser-based application, quick installation in local area networks, quality ranking of search results, freely adjustable window, fast access to topics of interest by powerful navigation and serach facilities, extensive cross-referencing to other articles, plus free online access to the latest updates via Wiley InterScience.
In short, fast and reliable coverage of every area of international chemical technology.

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General Chemistry

Kenneth W. Whitten Raymond E. Davis Larry Peck George G. Stanley, General Chemistry
Brooks Cole | ISBN 0534408605 | 2003 | PDF | 1224 pages

This best-selling text, GENERAL CHEMISTRY by Whitten/Davis/Peck/Stanley, is best summarized by "classic text, modern presentation." This simple phrase underlies its strong emphasis is on fundamental skills and concepts. As in previous editions, clearly explained problem-solving strategies continue to be the strength of this student-friendly text. This revision builds on the highly praised style and applications to everyday life that have earned this text a reputation as the voice of authority in general chemistry. Whitten always has been viewed as one of the few truly "traditional" general chemistry texts. Examples of this are that the text covers Thermodynamics, normally a topic split into two parts and covered in two different semesters, in one chapter and begins the second half of the course. GENERAL CHEMISTRY, Seventh Edition also follows a standard narrative-example-problem format, has a solid traditional writing style, and promotes problem solving. However, the authors have added some new elements over the years to reflect changes in chemical education. These include adding in conceptual questions in the problem sets, adding features like the Chemistry In Use boxes to show how chemistry is used in daily life, and further promoting problem solving by including hints and checks for students.

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Power Electronics Handbook

Power Electronics Handbook
895 pages | Academic Press | English | 0125816502
Power electronics is a broad subject that deals with every aspect of electronic systems and devices. Any computer, machine, controller, game, etc., that is available today is dependent on the power electronics in those systems and devices to operate. Power electronics systems deal with the process of converting electrical power from one form to another. Power Electronics Handbook is specifically designed for the professional engineer in industry and includes contributions of over 60 authors primarily from industry.
Power electronics is most frequently thought of because of its importance in supplying and converting an uninterruptable power supply to computers. The growth in computational power, communications applications, data storage, and memory systems has put the common layperson directly in contact with power engineering devices and challenges such as surge protectors and power failures. However, the field of power electronics is involved in all electronic devices and sytems. Examples include residential (refrigeration, heating, cooking, audio/video), commercial (lighting, office equipment, elevators), industrial (pumps, compressors, fans, robots, lasers, welding), transportation (automotive electronics, electric trains, battery chargers), and telecommunications (battery chargers, power supplies).

All engineers involved with system and device design must deal with the fundamentals and advances of power electronics. This Handbook is the result of an intensive search to develop a new major reference for this large professional market. All aspects of AC and DC power conversion are addressed and there is an emphasis on the design process throughout as well as safety and reliability. This is the most comprehensive treatment of all aspects of power electronics ever presented in one volume at such a reasonable price.

* Provides a comprehensive treatment of all aspects of power electronics including both traditional topics and new advancements

* Gives special attention to the actual design process as well as inherent safety and reliability issues

* Includes an in-depth study of the operation, analysis, and design of various power converters

* Covers the characteristics of modern power semiconductor devices, which are used as switches to perform the power conversions from ac-dc, dc-dc, dc-ac, and ac-ac

Free Energy Calculations: Theory and Applications in Chemistry and Biology

Free Energy Calculations: Theory and Applications in Chemistry and Biology
Publisher: Springer | Feb 21 2007 | ISBN 3540384472 | 535 pages | PDF

Free energy constitutes the most important thermodynamic quantity to understand how chemical species recognize each other, associate or react. Examples of problems in which knowledge of the underlying free energy behaviour is required, include conformational equilibria and molecular association, partitioning between immiscible liquids, receptor-drug interaction, protein-protein and protein-DNA association, and protein stability.

This volume sets out to present a coherent and comprehensive account of the concepts that underlie different approaches devised for the determination of free energies. The reader will gain the necessary insight into the theoretical and computational foundations of the subject and will be presented with relevant applications from molecular-level modelling and simulations of chemical and biological systems. Both formally accurate and approximate methods are covered using both classical and quantum mechanical descriptions. A central theme of the book is that the wide variety of free energy calculation techniques available today can be understood as different implementations of a few basic principles.

The book is aimed at a broad readership of graduate students and researchers having a background in chemistry, physics, engineering and physical biology.

PC Technician Lab Manual

Michael Meyers "Mike Meyers' A+ Guide: PC Technician Lab Manual (Exams 220-602, 220-603, & 220-604)"
McGraw-Hill | ISBN:0072263636 | July 26, 2007 | 322 Pages | Rar'd PDF

Mike Meyers A+ Guide to Operating Systems Lab Manual, Second Edition features 40-plus lab exercises that challenge you to solve problems based on realistic case studies and step-by-step scenarios that require critical thinking. You'll also get post-lab observation questions that measure your understanding of lab results and key term quizzes that help build vocabulary.

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Antenna Engineering Handbook

Antenna Engineering Handbook
McGraw-Hill, inc. | ISSN:1063665X | 3rd Edition - 1993 | PDF | 1511 Pages

Antenna Engineering Handbook, 3rd edition Georgia Institute of Technology by Henry Jasik, editor of the first edition and Richard C. Johnson


Everyday Technical English plus CD

Penguin Books Ltd (February 20, 2003) | ISBN: 0582539633 | 95 pages + Audio | 14,1 Mb + 31,3 Mb
Valerie Lambert, Elaine Murray, " English for Work: Everyday Technical English plus CD"

This practical series presents essential vocabulary and phrases in specialist areas. The language is introduced in a short dialogue or text which students can listen to on an audio CD. Key language points are analysed and practised.

Everyday Technical English is for students at intermediate level and can be used for self study or in class .
The book develops spoken language skills by presenting and practising vocabulary and expressions that are useful in everyday working life . It offers essential language in realsitic contexts , useful notes to explain important points , a variety of exercise with answers and a glossary section with room for the student to put in translations in their own language .
A separate audio CD contains recordings of useful phrases and dialogues .

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Engineering Optimization

A. Ravindran, K. M. Ragsdell , G. V. Reklaitis, "Engineering Optimization"
Wiley; 2 edition (May 19, 2006) | ISBN:0471558141 | 688 pages | PDF

The classic introduction to engineering optimization theory and practice--now expanded and updated

Engineering optimization helps engineers zero in on the most effective, efficient solutions to problems. This text provides a practical, real-world understanding of engineering optimization. Rather than belaboring underlying proofs and mathematical derivations, it emphasizes optimization methodology, focusing on techniques and stratagems relevant to engineering applications in design, operations, and analysis. It surveys diverse optimization methods, ranging from those applicable to the minimization of a single-variable function to those most suitable for large-scale, nonlinear constrained problems. New material covered includes the duality theory, interior point methods for solving LP problems, the generalized Lagrange multiplier method and generalization of convex functions, and goal programming for solving multi-objective optimization problems. A practical, hands-on reference and text, Engineering Optimization, Second Edition covers:
* Practical issues, such as model formulation, implementation, starting point generation, and more
* Current, state-of-the-art optimization software
* Three engineering case studies plus numerous examples from chemical, industrial, and mechanical engineering
* Both classical methods and new techniques, such as successive quadratic programming, interior point methods, and goal programming
Excellent for self-study and as a reference for engineering professionals, this Second Edition is also ideal for senior and graduate courses on engineering optimization, including television and online instruction, as well as for in-plant training.

Life Cycle Reliability Engineering

Guangbin Yang, " Life Cycle Reliability Engineering "
Wiley (February 2, 2007) | ISBN:0471715298 | 544 pages | PDF | 3,6 Mb

In today's global, competitive business environment, reliability professionals are continually challenged to improve reliability, shorten design cycles, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. Life Cycle Reliability Engineering details practical, effective, and up-to-date techniques to assure reliability throughout the product life cycle, from planning and designing through testing and warranting performance. These techniques allow ongoing quality initiatives, including those based on Six Sigma and the Taguchi methods, to yield maximized output. Complete with real-world examples, case studies, and exercises, this resource covers:
* Reliability definition, metrics, and product life distributions (exponential, Weibull, normal, lognormal, and more)
* Methodologies, tools, and practical applications of system reliability modeling and allocation
* Robust reliability design techniques
* Potential failure mode avoidance, including Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
* Accelerated life test methods, models, plans, and data analysis techniques
* Degradation testing and data analysis methods, covering both destructive and nondestructive inspections
* Practical methodologies for reliability verification and screening
* Warranty policies, data analysis, field failure monitoring, and warranty cost reduction
All reliability techniques described are immediately applicable to product planning, designing, testing, stress screening, and warranty analysis. This book is a must-have resource for engineers and others responsible for reliability and quality and for graduate students in quality and reliability engineering courses.

The Condensed Handbook of Measurement and Control

N. E. Battikha, "The Condensed Handbook of Measurement and Control"
ISA; 3 edition (October 6, 2006) | ISBN:1556179952 | 441 pages | PDF |
Selecting and implementing measurement and control devices for process automation applications is made easier with this best-selling reference. This clear and concise third edition provides quick access to ISA symbology, instrument and control valve selection criteria, and conversion guidelines, with new sections on maintenance, calibration, decision-making skills, and consulting. Whether you are an experienced engineer, technician, salesperson, or project manager, or new to the field, you will better understand how to assess, compare, and select the various methods of measurement and control with this valuable and economical handbook in your library.
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Renewable Energy Technology, Economics and Environment

Martin Kaltschmitt , Wolfgang Streicher, Andreas Wiese, "Renewable Energy Technology, Economics and Environment"
Springer; 1 edition (September 10, 2007) | ISBN:3540709479 | 564 pages | PDF |
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Specialized Molding Techniques: Applications, Design, Materials & Processing

Hans-Peter Heim, H. Potente, "Specialized Molding Techniques: Applications, Design, Materials & Processing"
Plastics Design Library; 1st edition (November 15, 2001) | ISBN:188420791X | 350 pages | PDF |
A surge of new molding technologies is transforming plastics processing and material forms to the highly efficient, integrated manufacturing that will set industry standards in the early years of the new century. This book is a survey of these technologies, putting them into context and accentuating opportunities. The relations among these technologies are analyzed in terms of:

Products: auto parts (e.g. bumpers, trim, keyless entry module, blower switch housing), business machines chassis, pallets, furniture, handles, television housings, covers, golf club shafts, connectors, notebook casing, switches, sensors, antennas, sockets, lighting, cellular phone housing, submicron parts, and medical devices.

Materials: composition, resin consideration, blends, structure (skin/core), shrinkage, viscosity, weld line strength, structural properties, morphology, reinforcement, surface roughness.
Processing: macroscopic structure, size and shape, typical problems and their solutions, flow length, injection pressure prediction, process simulation, processing parameters, tooling issues, rheology, rheokinetics, flow equations, flow simulation, no-slip boundary conditions, pressure loss, surface appearance, manufacturing cost, leakage modelling, set-up criteria, optimization of molding parameters non-return valve applications.

Geometry: function (enclosure/support) and complexity (symmetric/three-dimensional), molding window, filling of complex-art, design optimization, x-ray tomography, image reconstruction, acoustic imaging, warpage calculation, simulation and calculation, flow channels, and tight tolerance.
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Engineering Analysis with ANSYS Software

Engineering Analysis with ANSYS Software
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann | English | ISBN:075066875X | 480 pages | Data: January 29, 2007 | PDF
For all engineers and students coming to finite element analysis or to ANSYS software for the first time, this powerful hands-on guide develops a detailed and confident understanding of using ANSYS"s powerful engineering analysis tools.

The best way to learn complex systems is by means of hands-on experience. With an innovative and clear tutorial based approach, this powerful book provides readers with a comprehensive introduction to all of the fundamental areas of engineering analysis they are likely to require either as part of their studies or in getting up to speed fast with the use of ANSYS software in working life.
Opening with an introduction to the principles of the finite element method, the book then presents an overview of ANSYS technologies before moving on to cover key applications areas in detail.

Computer Aided Engineering Design

Computer Aided Engineering Design
Publisher:Springer | 2005-05-31 | ISBN:1402025556 | Pages: 394 | PDF |
Book Description:

This book amalgamates geometric modelling, analysis and optimization, the three important aspects in Computer Aided Engineering Design. While the three subjects are well developed by themselves, a detailed discussion on engineering visualization (transformations and projections) and mathematical background of free form, parametric and piecewise design of curves and surfaces is provided. A topological basis is given when discussing wireframe, boundary representation and constructive solid geometry as solid modelling techniques. Computational geometry, point membership classification and recent trends on modelling using point cloud data in reverse engineering are also covered in brief. The book provides an introductory treatment on linear elastic finite element analysis using some basic elements and optimization methods ranging from root finding single variable to constrained multi-variable approaches. The book is conceived with an intent to be a text for a semester course.
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Strength of Materials, Part 1- 2

S. Timonshenko, "Strength of Materials, Part 1 - 2"
Krieger Pub Co | 1983-06-01 | ISBN:0898746213 | 1010 pages | PDF

Strength of Materials - Part. 1: Elementary Theory and Problems contains the essential material that is usually covered in required courses of strength of materials in our engineering schools.
Strength of Materials - Part. 2: Advanced Theory and Problems contains the later developments that are of practical importance in the fields of strength of materials, and theory of elasticity. Complete derivations of problems of practical interest are given in most cases.

The books are illustrated with a number of problems to which solutions are presented. In many cases, the problems are chosen so as to widen the field covered by the text and to illustrate the application of the theory in the solution of design problems.
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Properties of Materials: Anisotropy, Symmetry, Structure

Robert E. Newnham, "Properties of Materials: Anisotropy, Symmetry, Structure"
Oxford University Press, USA (January 4, 2005) | ISBN:0198520751 | 390 pages | PDF | 2,5 Mb

Crystals are sometimes called 'Flowers of the Mineral Kingdom'. In addition to their great beauty, crystals and other textured materials are enormously useful in electronics, optics, acoustics and many other engineering applications. This richly illustrated text describes the underlying
principles of crystal physics and chemistry, covering a wide range of topics and illustrating numerous applications in many fields of engineering using the most important materials today. Tensors, matrices, symmetry and structure-property relationships form the main subjects of the book. While
tensors and matrices provide the mathematical framework for understanding anisotropy, on which the physical and chemical properties of crystals and textured materials often depend, atomistic arguments are also needed to quantify the property coefficients in various directions. The atomistic
arguments are partly based on symmetry and partly on the basic physics and chemistry of materials. After introducing the point groups appropriate for single crystals, textured materials and ordered magnetic structures, the directional properties of many different materials are described: linear and
nonlinear elasticity, piezoelectricity and electrostriction, magnetic phenomena, diffusion and other transport properties, and both primary and secondary ferroic behavior. With crystal optics (its roots in classical mineralogy) having become an important component of the information age, nonlinear
optics is described along with the piexo-optics, magneto-optics, and analogous linear and nonlinear acoustic wave phenomena. Enantiomorphism, optical activity, and chemical anisotropy are discussed in the final chapters of the book.
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Steam Turbine

Steam turbine from GE Energy
GER4248 -- Acoustic Terms, Definitions, and General Information
GER3713e -- Advances in Steam Path Technology
GER4249 -- Air Emissions Terms, Definitions, and General Information
GER3636a -- Experience with Compressed Air Cleaning of Main Steam Piping
GER3705 -- GE Steam Turbine Design Philosophy and Technology Programs
GER3804 -- High-Power-Density™ Steam Turbine Design Evolution
GER4191a -- Industrial Steam Turbine Value Packages
GER3644d -- Performance and Economic Considerations of Repowering Steam Power Plants
GER4221a -- Power Generation Equipment and Other Factors Concerning the Protection of Power Plant Employees Against Noise in European Union Countries
GER4239 -- Power Plant Near-Field Noise Considerations
GER3642e -- Steam Turbine Cycle Optimization, Evaluation and Performance Testing Considerations
GER3750c -- Steam Turbine Sustained Efficiency
GER4190 -- Steam Turbine Thermal Evaluation and Assessment
GER4199 -- Steam Turbine Uprates
GER3706d -- Steam Turbines for Industrial Applications
GER3646d -- Steam Turbines for Large Power Applications
GER3582e -- Steam Turbines for STAG™ Combined Cycle Power Systems
GER3945a -- Steam Turbines for Ultrasupercritical Power Plants
GER3953 -- Thermal Performance Evaluation and Assessment of Steam Turbine Units
GER3696d -- Upgradable Opportunities for Steam Turbines

Energy combined cycle

Combined cycle from GE Energy

GER3767c -- Single-Shaft Combined-Cycle Power Generation System

GER3936a -- Advanced Technology Combined Cycles
GER3430f -- Cogeneration Application Considerations
GER4206 -- Combined Cycle Development, Evolution and Future
GER4200 -- Economic and Technical Considerations for Combined Cycle Performance-Enhancement Options
GER3636a -- Experience with Compressed Air Cleaning of Main Steam Piping
GER3651d -- GE Combined Cycle Experience
GER3574g -- GE Combined Cycle Product Line and Performance
GER4207 -- GE IGCC Technology and Experience with Advanced Gas Turbines
GER4219 -- IGCC Gas Turbines for Refinery Applications
GER3952a -- Operation and Maintenance Strategies to Enhance Plant Profitability
GER3935b -- Power Systems for the 21st Century: “H” Gas Turbine Combined Cycles
GER4201 -- Structured Steam Turbines for the Combined Cycle Market

Energy Control

Control from GE Energy

GER4198 -- Intelligent Optimization of Coal Burning to Meet Demanding Power Loads, Emission Requirements and Cost Objectives

GER3658d -- SPEEDTRONIC™ Mark V Gas Turbine Control System
GER3687c -- SPEEDTRONIC Mark V Steam Turbine Control System
GER4193a -- SPEEDTRONIC Mark VI Turbine Control System

Gas Turbine

Gas turbine from GE Energy
GER4248 -- Acoustic Terms, Definitions, and General Information GER3569g -- Advanced Gas Turbine Materials and Coatings
GER4249 -- Air Emissions Terms, Definitions, and General Information
GER4192 -- Combustion Modification: An Economic Alternative for Boiler NOx Control
GER3764a -- Considerations When Burning Ash-Bearing Fuels in Heavy Duty Gas Turbines
GER4189b -- Design Considerations for Heated Gas Fuel
GER3551 -- Development of the GE Quiet Combustor and Other Design Changes to Benefit Quality
GER3568g -- Dry Low NOx Combustion Systems for GE Heavy Duty Gas Turbines
GER3428a -- Fuels Flexibility in Heavy Duty Gas Turbines
GER3942 -- Gas Fuel Clean-Up System Design Considerations for GE Heavy Duty Gas Turbines
GER4211 -- Gas Turbine Emissions and Control
GER3419a -- Gas Turbine Inlet Air Treatment
GER4172 -- Gas Turbine NOx Emissions Approaching Zero: Is It Worth the Price?
GER3957b -- Gas Turbine Repair Technology
GER3701b -- Gas Turbines for Mechanical Drive Applications
GER3695e -- GE Aeroderivative Gas Turbines: Design and Operating Features
GER3434d -- GE Gas Turbine Design Philosophy
GER3567h -- GE Gas Turbine Performance Characteristics
GER4250 -- GE’s LM2500+G4 Aeroderivative Gas Turbine for Marine and Industrial Applications
GER3620k -- Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Operating and Maintenance Considerations
GER4219 -- IGCC Gas Turbines for Refinery Applications
GER3481c -- Liquid Fuel Treatment Systems
GER3765b -- MS6001FA: An Advanced-Technology 70 MW Class 50/60 Hz Gas Turbine
GER3571h -- Performance and Reliability Improvements for Heavy Duty Gas Turbines
GER4171 -- Performance and Reliability Improvements for MS5002 Gas Turbines
GER4196 -- Performance and Reliability Improvements for the MS5001 Gas Turbines
GER4221a -- Power Generation Equipment and Other Factors Concerning the Protection of Power Plant Employees Against Noise in European Union Countries
GER4253 -- Power Plant Layout Planning – Gas Turbine Inlet Air Quality Considerations
GER4239 -- Power Plant Near-Field Noise Considerations
GER3935b -- Power Systems for the 21st Century: “H” Gas Turbine Combined Cycles
GER3767c -- Single-Shaft Combined-Cycle Power Generation System
GER4213 -- Support for Elimination of Oxidation Catalyst Requirement for GE PG7241FA DLN Combustion Turbines
GER4194 -- The 7FB: The Next Evolution of the F Gas Turbine
GER3950c -- The F-Technology Experience Story
GER4217a -- Uprate Options for the MS6001 Heavy Duty Gas Turbine
--> GER3808c -- Uprate Options for the MS7001 Heavy Duty Gas Turbine
GER3928b -- Uprate Options for the MS900A Heavy Duty Gas Turbine


Generator from GE Energy
GER4223 -- GE Generator Fleet Experience and Available Refurbishment Options GER4212 -- GE Generator Rotor Design, Operational Issues and Refurbishment Options
GER3930 -- GE Generator Rotor Retaining Rings: Experience and Fleet Data
GER4203 -- GE Generator Technology Update
GER3688b -- GE Generators: An Overview
GER3954b -- Generator In-Situ Inspections
GER3809 -- Generator Rotor Thermal Sensitivity: Theory and Experience
GER2668 -- Interturn Short-Circuit Detector for Turbine-Generator Rotor Windings
GER3751a -- Understanding, Diagnosing and Repairing Leaks in Water-Cooled Generator Stator Windings

Energy Service

Energy Services from GE Energy
GER4192 -- Combustion Modification: An Economic Alternative for Boiler NOx Control
GER4208 -- Creating Owner’s Competitive Advantage through Contractual Services
GER4209 -- Economic Evaluation of Plant Upgrades Using Plant Optimization Software
GER3957b -- Gas Turbine Repair Technology
GER3620k -- Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Operating and Maintenance Considerations
GER4191a -- Industrial Steam Turbine Value Packages
GER4205 -- Installation and Outage Management Processes and Technologies
GER3952a -- Operation and Maintenance Strategies to Enhance Plant Profitability
GER3571h -- Performance and Reliability Improvements for Heavy Duty Gas Turbines
GER4269 -- Steam Turbine 34.5-Inch Low-Pressure Section Upgrade
GER4199 -- Steam Turbine Uprates
GER3696d -- Upgradable Opportunities for Steam Turbines
GER4217a -- Uprate Options for the MS6001 Heavy Duty Gas Turbine
GER3928a -- Uprate Options for the MS900A Heavy Duty Gas Turbine

Wind Turbine

There are wind turbin from GE Energy:
GER4262 -- Ice Shedding and Ice Throw – Risk and Mitigation GER4264 -- The Case for Wind – GE Energy's Perspective
GER4277 -- Extreme Wind Speed – Risk and Mitigation

Comprehensive Composite Materials : 6 Volume Set

Comprehensive Composite Materials : 6 Volume Set with internet access by A., Ed. Kelly
PERGAMON PRESS; 1 edition (July 1, 2000) | ISBN:0080429939 | PDF | 5300 pages | 210 Mb

Volume 1: Fiber Reinforcements and General Theory of Composites
Volume 2: Polymer Matrix Composites
Volume 3: Metal Matrix Composites
Volume 4: Carbon/Carbon, Cement, and Ceramic Matrix Composites
Volume 5: Test Methods, Nondestructive Evaluation, and Smart Materials
Volume 6: Design and Applications
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Telecommunications and Data Communications Handbook

Ray Horak, "Telecommunications and Data Communications Handbook"
Wiley-Interscience | ISBN: 0470041412 | September 21, 2007 | 791 pages | PDF
A practical, accessible survey of telecommunications and data communications services and technologies

Finally, there is a commonsense guide to telecommunications and data communications that non-engineers can understand. Popular author Ray Horak provides comprehensive, up-to-date information in plain English, instead of confusing technotalk. Recent developments covered include:

- 802.16 and WiMAX
- Passive Optical Network (PON)
- 802.11g/n
- Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO)
- Broadband over Power Line (BPL)
- Instant Messaging
- ZigBee
In addition, Telecommunications and Data Communications Handbook expands on topics of increasing interest, including:
- Fiber Optics
- Storage Area Networks (SANs)
- Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
- CATV Networks
- Wireless, including Bluetooth
- Cellular, including 2.5G and 3G, photos, video, and ring tones and ring-back tones
- Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), including IP PBX and IP Centrex
- Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) vs. H.323
Complete with a discussion of the current regulatory and business environments, including divestiture and revestiture as well as mergers and acquisitions, this is the ideal reference for non-engineering professionals in the end-user, carrier, content or service provider, manufacturing, regulatory, or financial communities.
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Modern Engineering Statistics

Thomas P. Ryan, "Modern Engineering Statistics"
Wiley-Interscience (September 28, 2007) | ISBN: 0470081872 | 608 pages | PDF

An introductory perspective on statistical applications in the field of engineering

Modern Engineering Statistics presents state-of-the-art statistical methodology germane to engineering applications. With a nice blend of methodology and applications, this book provides and carefully explains the concepts necessary for students to fully grasp and appreciate contemporary statistical techniques in the context of engineering.
With almost thirty years of teaching experience, many of which were spent teaching engineering statistics courses, the author has successfully developed a book that displays modern statistical techniques and provides effective tools for student use. This book features:
Examples demonstrating the use of statistical thinking and methodology for practicing engineers
A large number of chapter exercises that provide the opportunity for readers to solve engineering-related problems, often using real data sets
Clear illustrations of the relationship between hypothesis tests and confidence intervals
Extensive use of Minitab® and JMP® to illustrate statistical analyses

The book is written in an engaging style that interconnects and builds on discussions, examples, and methods as readers progress from chapter to chapter. The assumptions on which the methodology is based are stated and tested in applications. Each chapter concludes with a summary highlighting the key points that are needed in order to advance in the text, as well as a list of references for further reading. Certain chapters that contain more than a few methods also provide end-of-chapter guidelines on the proper selection and use of those methods. Bridging the gap between statistics education and real-world applications, Modern Engineering Statistics is ideal for either a one- or two-semester course in engineering statistics
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Hardening, Tempering and Heat Treatment (Workshop Practice)

Tubal Cain, "Hardening, Tempering and Heat Treatment (Workshop Practice)"
Argus Books | 1984-06 - Reprinted 1990 | ISBN: 0852428375 | 124 pages | PDF

A comprehensive exposition of the structure of steels and the effects of different heat treatments, particularly in respect of tools. It includes solid fuel, gas and electric furnaces, case hardening, tempering and other practical information. Features accurate colour temperature charts.
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Fundamentals of Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines and Mechanisms

Oleg Vinogradov, "Fundamentals of Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines and Mechanisms"
CRC; 1 edition (July 25, 2000) | ISBN: 0849302579 | 304 pages | PDF

Vinogradov presents his book on kinematics and kinetics of mechanisms and assemblies with a fresh perspective, reflecting his significant teaching experience.
- CHOICE Magazine

Exciting!...of tremendous benefit to graduate-level classes and researchers in the kinematics, mechanisms, and robotics communities.
- Prof. Pierre Larochelle, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne
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Ian Hickman, "Oscilloscopes, Fifth Edition"
Newnes; 5 edition (December 13, 2000) | ISBN: 0750647574 | 262 pages | PDF

'provide a definitive, up-to-date guide to choosing using and understanding more about osilloscopes.'
What's New in Electronics, January 2001

'The readers appreciation of how to use their scope is enhanced by thorough explanations. Ian Hickman explains the practical use of the oscilloscope and supports with examples.'
Electronics Manufacture & Test, February 2001
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Design First: Design-based Planning for Communities

David Walters, Linda Brown, "Design First: Design-based Planning for Communities"
Architectural Press; 1 edition (June 3, 2004) | ISBN: 0750659343 | 304 pages | PDF

Well-grounded in the history and theory of Anglo-American urbanism, this illustrated textbook sets out objectives, policies and design principles for planning new communities and redeveloping existing urban neighborhoods. Drawing from their extensive experience, the authors explain how better plans (and consequently better places) can be created by applying the three-dimensional principles of urban design and physical place-making to planning problems.
Design First uses case studies from the authors own professional projects to demonstrate how theory can be turned into effective practice, using concepts of traditional urban form to resolve contemporary planning and design issues in American communities.

The book is aimed at architects, planners, developers, planning commissioners, elected officials and citizens -- and, importantly, students of architecture and planning -- with the objective of reintegrating three-dimensional design firmly back into planning practice.

·Focus and emphasis on planning by 3-D design
·Clear and practical presentation of how communities can improve their town planning processes
·Case studies illustrate the practice and implementation of ideas
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Electronics Projects For Dummies

Electronics Projects For Dummies (For Dummies (Math & Science)
Wiley Publishing, Inc. | 2006 | ISBN: 9780470009680 | English | 443 pages | PDF

These projects are fun to build and fun to use. Make lights dance to music, play with radio remote control, or build your own metal detector. Who says the Science Fair has to end? If you love building gadgets, this book belongs on your radar. Here are complete directions for building ten cool creations that involve light, sound, or vibrations -- a weird microphone, remote control gizmos, talking toys, and more, with full parts and tools lists, safety guidelines, and wiring schematics.
Check out ten cool electronics projects, including
* Chapter 8 -- Surfing the Radio Waves (how to make your own radio)
* Chapter 9 -- Scary Pumpkins (crazy Halloween decorations that have sound, light, and movement)
* Chapter 12 -- Hitting Paydirt with an Electronic Metal Detector (a project that can pay for itself)

Discover how to
* Handle electronic components safely
* Read a circuit diagram
* Troubleshoot circuits with a multimeter
* Build light-activated gadgets
* Set up a motion detector
* Transform electromagnetic waves into sound

Companion Web site
* Go to go/electronicsprojectsfd
* Explore new projects with other electronics hobbyists
* Find additional information and project opportunities

From the Back Cover
These projects are fun to build and fun to use

Make lights dance to music, play with radio remote control, or build your own metal detector

Who says the Science Fair has to end? If you love building gadgets, this book belongs on your radar. Here are complete directions for building ten cool creations that involve light, sound, or vibrations — a weird microphone, remote control gizmos, talking toys, and more, with full parts and tools lists, safety guidelines, and wiring schematics.

Check out ten cool electronics projects, including

* Chapter 8 — Surfing the Radio Waves (how to make your own radio)
* Chapter 9 — Scary Pumpkins (crazy Halloween decorations that have sound, light, and movement)
* Chapter 12 — Hitting Paydirt with an Electronic Metal Detector (a project that can pay for itself)

Discover how to

* Handle electronic components safely
* Read a circuit diagram
* Troubleshoot circuits with a multimeter
* Build light-activated gadgets
* Set up a motion detector
* Transform electromagnetic waves into sound

Companion Web site

* Go to go/electronicsprojectsfd
* Explore new projects with other electronics hobbyists
* Find additional information and project opportunities
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Piping Engineering

Tube Turns, INC., «Piping Engineering»
Tube Turns, INC. | ASIN: B000GP70VG | 1986 | PDF |
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Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering (c) 1999 by CRC Press LLC
Structural Engineering Contents:
  1. Basic Theory of Plates and Elastic Stability Eiki Yamaguchi
  2. Structural Analysis J.Y. Richard Liew, N.E. Shanmugam, and C.H. Yu
  3. Structural Steel Design1 E. M. Lui
  4. Structural Concrete Design2 Amy Grider and Julio A. Ramirez and Young Mook Yun
  5. Earthquake Engineering Charles Scawthorn
  6. Composite Construction Edoardo Cosenza and Riccardo Zandonini
  7. Cold-Formed Steel Structures Wei-Wen Yu
  8. Aluminum Structures Maurice L. Sharp
  9. Timber Structures Kenneth J. Fridley
  10. Bridge Structures Shouji Toma, Lian Duan, and Wai-Fah Chen
  11. Shell Structures Clarence D. Miller
  12. Multistory Frame Structures J. Y. Richard Liew and T. Balendra and W. F. Chen
  13. Space Frame Structures Tien T. Lan
  14. Cooling Tower Structures Phillip L. Gould and Wilfried B. Krätzig
  15. Transmission Structures Shu-jin Fang, Subir Roy, and Jacob Kramer
  16. Performance-Based Seismic Design Criteria For Bridges LianDuan and MarkReno
  17. Tunnel Structures Birger Schmidt, Christian Ingerslev, Brian Brenner, and J.-N. Wang
  18. Effective Length Factors of Compression Members Lian Duan and W.F. Chen
  19. Stub Girder Floor Systems Reidar Bjorhovde
  20. Plate and Box Girders Mohamed Elgaaly
  21. Steel Bridge Construction Jackson Durkee
  22. Basic Principles of Shock Loading O.W. Blodgett and D.K. Miller
  23. Welded Connections O.W. Blodgett and D. K. Miller
  24. Composite Connections Roberto Leon
  25. Fatigue and Fracture Robert J. Dexter and John W. Fisher
  26. Underground Pipe J. M. Doyle and S.J. Fang
  27. Structural Reliability3 D. V. Rosowsky
  28. Passive Energy Dissipation and Active Control T.T. Soong and G.F. Dargush
  29. An Innnovative Design For Steel Frame Using Advanced Analysis4 Seung-Eock Kim and W. F. Chen
  30. Welded Tubular Connections—CHS Trusses Peter W. Marshall
  31. Earthquake Damage to Structures Mark Yashinsk

Microprocessor Design

Grant McFarland, "Microprocessor Design"
McGraw-Hill Professional | ISBN: 0071459510 | 1 edition (April 1, 2006) | PDF | 408 pages |
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Water Quality Systems

Water Quality Systems, 2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded
ISBN: 0824740106 | PDF | Author: P.E., Robert N. Reid | Publisher: Marcel Dekker
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Heat and Mass Transfer

Hans Dieter Baehr,&nbspKarl Stephan, "Heat and Mass Transfer"
Publisher: Springer | Pages: 705 | 2006-05-22 | ISBN:3540295267 | PDF |
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Chemical Energy and Exergy: An Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics for Engineers

Norio Sato, "Chemical Energy and Exergy: An Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics for Engineers"
Elsevier Science; 1 edition (March 31, 2004) | ISBN:044451645X | 160 pages | PDF |
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Handbook of Lighting Design

Author: Rüdiger Ganslandt & Harald Hofmann
© ERCO Leuchten GmbH, Lüdenscheid Friedr. Vieweg & Sohn Verlagsgesellschaft
mbH, Braunschweig/Wiesbaden 1. edition 1992
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Geology and Geochemistry of Oil and Gas

L. Buryakovsky, N.A. Eremenko, M.V. Gorfunkel, G.V. Chilingarian, "Geology and Geochemistry of Oil and Gas, Volume 52"
Elsevier Science; 1 edition (December 12, 2005) | ISBN: 0444520538 | 390 pages | PDF |
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Industrial Dyes: Chemistry, Properties, Applications

Klaus Hunger, "Industrial Dyes: Chemistry, Properties, Applications "
Wiley-VCH (March 7, 2003) | ISBN: 3527304266 | 648 pages | PDF |
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Handbook of Heat Transfer

Warren M. Rohsenow,&nbspJames P. Hartnett,&nbspYoung I. Cho, "Handbook of Heat Transfer"
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional | Pages: 1344 | 1998-05-01 | ISBN:0070535558 | PDF |
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Neufert Architects' Data

Paperback: 648 pages
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Limited; 3 edition (August 1, 2002)
ISBN-10: 0632057718
ISBN-13: 978-0632057719
Product Dimensions: 11.7 x 8.3 x 1.4 inches
Architects' Data provides an essential reference for the initial design and planning of a building project. Organised largely by building type, and with over 6000 diagrams, it provides a mass of data on spatial requirements and also covers planning criteria and considerations of function and siting.
Most illustrations are dimensioned and each building type includes plans, sections, site layouts and design details. There are substantial new sections on:

· building components
· services
· heating
· lighting
· thermal and sound insulation
· fire protection
· designing for the disabled

An extensive bibliography and a detailed set of metric/imperial conversion tables are included.

Since it was first published in Germany in 1936, Ernst Neufert's handbook has been progressively revised and updated through 35 editions and many translations. This Third Edition of the English language version has been revised for the first time in 20 years and completely reworked, with 40% more material, to provide a major new edition for an international readership.

Browse sample pages and buy online: //

Language Notes
Text: English, German (translation) --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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Product Details

* Paperback: 636 pages
* Publisher: Wiley; 33 edition (July 1, 2002)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0632057718
* ISBN-13: 978-0632057719
Is the ABC of architecture designing and problem solving
Time-Saver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning

Publisher: McGraw-Hill 1/6/2001 (2001)

Mechanics, Tensors & Virtual Works

Yves Talpaert, "Mechanics, Tensors & Virtual Works"
Cambridge International Science Publishing (July 1, 2003) | ISBN:1898326118 | 460 pages | PDF |
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Switching Power Supplies A to Z

Sanjaya Maniktala, "Switching Power Supplies A to Z"
Newnes; Har/Cdr edition (June 22, 2006) | ISBN: 0750679700 | 528 pages | PDF |
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